From Our Principal

We help people through the most pivotal financial moments of their lives, answering questions such as: how much should I sell my business for, how do I minimize estate taxes upon my death, how should we split our assets up for our divorce, and how much could I be awarded in my lawsuit? These complex questions require substantial acumen in finance, accounting, and forensics. We believe that to get to the right answer, they also require navigation through a myriad of non-financial and often very emotional issues.

This is why we have assembled a team of professionals who not only are experienced and credentialed, but also know how to connect the dots between their expertise and the people we are serving.

It’s this connection that moves valuation and forensics out of their vacuum and into the complex world of life, family, conflict and resolution. It’s this connection that moves our work from a transaction to a relationship. It’s this connection that makes what we do meaningful to us and valuable to you.


Kelly L. Carrier, ASA, CBA, CPA, ABV, CFP®

The HBK Business Valuation, Litigation Support and Forensics Group is a specialized, full-service entity providing business valuations, expert testimony, and investigations of potential fraud and other suspicious practices.

Our Philosophy


We believe successful analysis is rooted in intelligent planning. We are valuation experts with skills refined over decades of work with business owners, attorneys, accountants and other business advisors. We have the credentials, experience and insight to ask the right questions and generate reports and testimony that withstand the scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service, the world’s largest public accounting firms, and triers of fact across many jurisdictions.

Dedicated to the principle of independence, our compensation is fee-based. We provide our clients and other intended users of our analyses with impartial and unbiased opinions that enable them to make well-informed decisions.

Committed to the idea that our role is to consult and collaborate with our clients and their trusted advisors, our team focuses on understanding the unique requirements of each case and developing holistic solutions based on a panoramic view of the business landscape. Our group works across geographic boundaries in an efficient manner to provide the best industry and project-specific insight possible for each client.

Our Values

Business Principles

We are fiercely independent. We seek the highest-quality research and business data from the broadest range of resources.

Our team is large enough to have deep resources and talent, and small enough to provide an intimate client experience.

We develop financial analyses that reflect a comprehensive understanding of the finances of a business and of its relevant professional standards and business environment.

We are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence to be the best as opposed to the biggest valuation firm – a great firm of great professionals.


Respect & Relationships

We build deep relationships in our communities.

We believe that straightforward and transparent communication are keys to delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

We treat everyone with dignity and respect, and honor client confidentiality.

We talk regularly with our clients and professional colleagues, both inside and outside our firm, to stay current on their lives, objectives and challenges.

Most of all we value integrity and honesty, maintaining high ethical standards in everything we do – in our work with the firm and in our personal lives.

Working Together

We demand teamwork of ourselves and our fellow professionals. We subject our personal interests to the interests of our clients and intended users of our work.

We use our collective expertise to deliver the multi-disciplinary solutions that can resolve our clients’ most complicated and sophisticated issues. We work collaboratively:

  1. within our professional network to deliver effective, efficient and appropriate solutions;
  2. with our clients to develop timely solutions to their challenges and meet their objectives;
  3. with our clients’ legal counsel and other professional advisors for holistic solutions.

We encourage creativity and imagination as keys to better solutions.

We foster an environment of trust and openness. We deliberate objectively and value contrary opinions.

We manage ourselves as a one-firm partnership; we think and act like owners.